Hemp can help you quit smoking and quit other substances.

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Hemp can help you quit smoking and quit other substances.

Real case Steven, client of CBDario Barcelona.

Today we bring you the case of Steven, who suffered from nervousness, when trying to quit Marijuana and that this plant generally does not produce dependency but as indicated by the Boston Globe website - marijuana addiction is on the rise, possibly due to the increasing potency of genetically modified plants with concentrated products, to which users use it several times a day.

"I've been taking 15% Full spectrum Pura Vida oil, to stop smoking Marijuana and I feel calm and stress free. The THC content of the oil has the perfect dose to not feel psychoactive, but to cause the desired effect. " - Says Steven.

Research from the last 20 years like that of researcher Wayne Hall, from the University of Queensland, in Australia, where he shows data that indicates that cannabis is less addictive than other frequently used substances, such as nicotine, which has a rate of 32% addiction or alcohol that has 16% versus a possible 10% with Marijuana.

It should be added that there is evidence that abuse in high doses of THC can increase the risk of mental health problems, that is why we are happy with Steven who has stopped consuming this plant to use therapeutic Hemp oil. All people are different and that is why We encourage everyone to lead a healthy and abuse-free life.

We are happy that you share your results and show the public your results with the use of Cannabis, how it helps us and how it affects us.

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