We make sure that all our products are safe, organic and are analyzed by certified European laboratories.

We find the most relevant product and dose for you. We distinguish ourselves by the close treatment with the client and the after-sales service that we offer, you can ask us any questions you have about cannabis, CBD, our products, clinical trials, research, etc.

We started our activity in Barcelona (Barcelona) in February 2019, with the intention of promoting, informing and joining the cannabis movement. After a commercial collaboration with our colleagues from Vienna, we decided to start our own adventure.
Our mission as a company and as therapeutic patients is to help people with their diseases, pathologies and chronic pain by providing them with the best products on the market and the most complete information. We always try to give the best personalized post-sale service by informing, solving doubts and adapting the use to your needs. 


Being part of the leading companies in the cannabis-therapeutic sector in Europe, contributing socially and in an innovative way to public health. We have a motivated team to deliver the best of them day by day to improve your quality of life.