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Oil MCT 15% CBDario STRAWBERRY (10 ml)

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MCT oil Full spectrum, 15% CBDario, contains 1500 mg of CBD (10 ml)

Usage: Bipolar Syndrome, Stress, Migraines, cramps, various pathologies, anti-inflammatory, among others ...

This product contains all the NATURAL Cannabinoids and Terpenes from Cannabis Sativa L. (hemp) and strawberry flavor extract. Its concentration is 15% FULL SPECTRUM and its THC is less than 0,20% according to current legislation. It comes in a 10 ml format.

Remember that this product is NOT a food supplement or medicine

Properties: MCT oil is rich in fatty acids, anti inflammatory, antioxidant, stimulator of the immune system, accelerator of metabolism and muscle development.

Ingredients: MCT oil, cannabinoids, natural terpenes and strawberry extract.

Oils produced with Cannabis Sativa L. (hemp) flowers with a maximum of 0,2% THC according to EU1307-2013 regulations. Topical product. Consumption or consumption prohibited. Sale to minors is prohibited (keep out of the reach of children). Cultivated according to the Betm VV-EDI Narcotics Law 812.121.11 in accordance with Royal Decree 1729/1999 of November 12 and EEC regulation 1164/89 of April 28.


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What is MCT oil? https://www.cbdariobarcelona.com/aceite-mct-usos-beneficios/