HERNATUR SKIN skin cream (50 ml)

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"HERNATUR SKIN" skin cream with cannabis (50 ml) - especially for atopic skin, psoriasis, acne ...

Recommendations for use: Apply the cream on the affected part, giving a light massage in circular movements as many times as you need each day.

Powerful HERNATUR SKIN hand and face cream, proven effective with psoriasis, equalizing skin pigmentation, eczema of the skin, stretch marks, dermatitis, acne, pimples, rashes, cystic boils, skin irritations, burns, hemorrhoids, wound healing. Cell regenerator, anti wrinkle, preventive and skin spots, foot fungus (eliminates odor). Insect bites.

Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, virgin beeswax, hypericum, shea butter, sage, lavender, aloe vera, marigold, arnica and hemp oil.