Refund Policy


It is understood that the price of each product is the one that will appear on the website at the time of placing each order. The user must pay the marked price, including applicable taxes (VAT), together with shipping costs, which will be added to the final price to pay.

Prices can be modified by CBDARIO at any time and without prior notice without affecting orders already confirmed. However, even confirmed CBDARIO will not be obliged to attend orders when the price is incorrect, especially when the error is manifest and easily recognizable.

12.1 The accepted means of payment are:
(I) Payment by credit or debit card in the physical store. We reserve the right NOT to accept certain payments with certain credit cards.

(II) Payment by transfer.
CBDARIO reserves the right to change the payment methods, being able to create new ones or eliminate any of the existing ones, without the user / client of being able to make claims for this reason. However, if the change in the payment method affects an order already placed, from we will contact the client to inform them of said change, offering them the option of canceling the order if they deem it convenient.

You can place your order by making a bank transfer from your bank (computer, mobile app, cashier or window) to the account that will appear after registering as a user and offering us your personal and shipping details. In the event that we do not receive payment for the order within 6 hours, CBDARY will consider the order canceled or you will have to manage it again. We will need to verify the bank information before sending your order, we will notify the time and date of shipment of your package.

(I) Payment by credit / debit card with VivaWallet: The charge is made online, that is, in real time, through the payment gateway of the corresponding financial institution and once it has been verified that the data communicated is correct . In order to give maximum security to the CBDARIO payment system uses secure payment systems from leading financial institutions in electronic commerce. In this sense, confidential data is transmitted directly and in an encrypted form (SSL) to the corresponding financial institution. The SSL encryption system used provides total security to the transmission of data over the network. Customer data is fully confidential and protected.

The data on credit cards are not recorded in any of our databases. They are only used in the virtual POS (Point of Sale Terminal) of the CBDARIO financial entity, through its Secure Payment Gateway. Credit cards will be subject to checks and authorizations by the issuing entity, but if said entity does not authorize payment, CBDARIO is not responsible for any delay or non-delivery and will not
may formalize any contract with the client. CBDARIO reserves the right to verify the personal data provided by the client and adopt the measures it deems appropriate (including the cancellation of the order) so that the purchased merchandise is delivered in accordance with the data contained in the order.


The provision of the service of this CBDARIO Website and the other services have in principle an indefinite duration. However, CBDARIO may terminate or suspend any of the portal services. When possible, CBDARIO will announce the termination or suspension of the provision of the determined service.


In accordance with the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, CBDARIO offers a 1-year guarantee on all its electronic products from delivery and we will proceed, as appropriate, to repair, replacement, price reduction or refund of the amount of the product.

If you have to make a warranty claim, please contact us by phone 93.854.41.58 or by email

This warranty does not cover possible breakage or wear caused by use or misuse. The consumer and user must inform CBDARY of the lack of conformity within a month of being aware of it.

If any packaged product (liquid or edible) is damaged or has a “factory” problem, together with the ticket, it will be changed and in the event that there are no stocks, CBDARIO will proceed to refund the amount paid.