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CBD 10% CBD Oil LEMON (10 ml)

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CBD 10% CBD Oil LEMON (10 ml)

MCT oil Full spectrum, 10% CBDario, contains 1000 mg of CBD (10 ml)

Usage: Muscle relaxant, hypertension and stress problems, among others ...

This product contains all the NATURAL Cannabinoids and Terpenes of Cannabis Sativa L. (hemp) and Lemon flavor extract. Its concentration is 10% FULL SPECTRUM and its THC is less than 0,20% according to current legislation. It comes in a 10 ml format.

Remember that this product is NOT a food supplement or medicine

Properties: MCT oil is rich in fatty acids, anti inflammatory, antioxidant, stimulator of the immune system, accelerator of metabolism and muscle development.

Ingredients: MCT oil, cannabinoids, natural terpenes and lemon extract.

Oils produced with Cannabis Sativa L. (hemp) flowers with a maximum of 0,2% THC according to EU1307-2013 regulations. Topical product. Consumption or consumption prohibited. Sale to minors is prohibited (keep out of the reach of children). Cultivated according to the Betm VV-EDI Narcotics Law 812.121.11 in accordance with Royal Decree 1729/1999 of November 12 and EEC regulation 1164/89 of April 28.

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What is MCT oil? https://www.cbdariobarcelona.com/aceite-mct-usos-beneficios/