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Hemp oil "omega-3 -6" Hanföl (100ml)

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El Hemp oil Hanföl is for both food and external use for the skin. It is considered one of the best and most rich food oils, contains essential fatty acids, which the body cannot produce independently. Polyunsaturated fatty acids OMEGA-3 and OMEGA-6 they are highly tolerated by the human body and especially this oil contains the proper ratio of 1: 3 ratio (1 ratio of omega-3 to 3 of omega-6)

Grown in Europe, free of allergens and additives.

Hanföl hemp oil contains 12 mg of vitamin E (per 100 ml), Chlorophyll and Magnesium.

Can be used for internal and external use for skin problems and acne.

It can be enjoyed "spoon by spoon" - this can help, for example, in acute stomach discomfort. Hemp oil too refine hot and cold dishes such as sauces and soups, salads or vegetables.

It helps against internal and external inflammation, hormonal disorders or high blood pressure, and supports cell regeneration.

Información nutricional: (100gr): Energía: 880 kJ / 3682 kcal, Proteínas: 0.03 g, Hidratos de Carbono: 0.0 g,  de los cuales azúcares: 0,0 g, Acidos grasos: 9,4 g y Sal: 0.04 g

Aceite procedente del  cáñamo, normativa EU1307-2013. Producto apto para el consumo humano. Cultivado según la Ley de narcóticos Betm VV-EDI 812.121.11 de acuerdo con el real decreto 1729/1999 de 12 de noviembre y la norma CEE 1164/89 de 28 de abril.