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Real case Steven, client of CBDario Barcelona. Today we bring you the case of Steven, who suffered from nervousness, when trying to stop smoking Marijuana and that this plant does not generally produce dependence but as indicated by the Boston Globe website - addiction to marijuana is on the rise, possibly due to to the increasing potency of genetically modified plants with concentrated products, to which users use it several times a day. “I have been taking the 15% Full spectrum Pura Vida oil, to stop smoking Marijuana and I feel calm and stress-free. Content...

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Use case of Hemp Oil for inflammation of the eyelids Today we are going to tell you a different case from one of our clients, Carlos's case is called Chronic Blepharitis, this is an inflammation of the eyelids that generally affects the part of the eyelid. where the eyelashes grow, clinically it is a dysfunction of the meibomian glands, which are located near the base of the eyelashes, this causes annoying irritation, itching, grit feeling, redness, tearing and stinging of the eyes. In most cases the symptoms lead to a secondary disorder such as ...

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Many of our customers visit the store for this sleep disorder that usually affects frequently at night and that directly affects drowsiness the next day. The causes are diverse, the most common are stress, anxiety and depression, insomnia is recommended not to treat it with drugs for a long time, so it is recommended to use other techniques such as behavioral, cognitive-behavioral therapy that are therapies focused on bonding of thought and behavior and that use different currents within psychology. These treatments mentioned above, are very expensive so the use ...

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Visit us at STAND number 312 - Annex 4 1 WHAT IS SPANNABIS? Spannabis is the best known hemp and alternative technology fair and is dedicated exclusively to cannabis. It has been held in Barcelona since 2002 and has now become the largest cannabis fair in Europe. Are you a company in the cannabis sector? You are lucky since you have free admission requesting it through the same website of the organization or you can choose to advertise in this magnificent event. 2. HISTORY OF THE FAIR In early 2001, a group of Spanish businessmen decided to adopt the ...

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MCT oil is very popular among athletes and dietitians due to its different uses and characteristics. In this article we will explain what the MCT is and what oils we have in store. 1 CONTROL THE APPETITE If you are dieting, this oil can be very useful because its fat molecules are high in calories. These good fats eliminate cravings and give a feeling of satiety, thus preventing the accumulation of body fat and strengthening the immune system, as well as its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. However, it is important to consider ...

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