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ENERGY Tea with Hemp - Bio Hanf Energie-Tee (50gr)

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Hemp tea (Bio) rich in caffeine with Guayusa leaves, it is a great antioxidant source, the leaves (not psychoactive) are organically grown in the fertile lands of Brandenburg. Carefully selected and air-dried in a traditional way.

Grown in Europe, free of allergens and additives. (sustainable and environmentally friendly production).

Hanf Energie-Tee Caffeinated Hemp Tea is a pleasure to drink both cold and hot, is the ideal companion in working hours. We recommend preparing our hot tea, leaving it stand for 3 minutes; it can be mixed with some almond milk, cream, coconut oil or hot cocoa.

Die Hanflinge trusts the economy 100% free of contaminants, SUSTAINABLE and ECOLOGICAL, is 100% VEGAN. All of its products comply with EU directives, using certified commercial hemp, which is subject to strict control.

Hemp tea, according to EU1307-2013 regulations. Product suitable for human consumption. Cultivated according to the Betm VV-EDI Narcotics Law 812.121.11 in accordance with Royal Decree 1729/1999 of November 12 and the CEE 1164/89 standard of April 28.